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With Dignity


 With Dignity captures the spirit of the time and life of the American farmers in the early 1900's, and those who inhabited the rural Southern Ozark Mountains.

With Dignity portrays with historic accuracy two fictionally poor, but proud families. It describes how these families coped with death, adultery, rape, murder and great personal loss, that shatters their otherwise peaceful world.

Matt Hawkins stubbornness refused him the ability to compromise and his pride does not leave room for reason.   

Lowe Beckett is caught between his own grief and the struggle to help his wife, who is not coping well, with her own horrific loss. 

Caught in the middle of the strong southern codes of behavior, a young couple's love and ideal life will soon collapse.

I Want to Kill My Wife
is a story about a close net family's personal look at the mental health and justice system, as they try and maneuver their way through violent crimes commented by their loved one.
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